Telerik Suite/ Infragistics/ DevExpress

We at ROOPASOFT offer Infragistics & Telerik Suites to build and style immersive user experiences and rich data visualization in line with business applications across all platforms – Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight. Both Telerik and Infragistics provide the most comprehensive set of components for building and styling commercial class user interfaces quickly.

Built on frameworks and common object models, both Telerik and Infragistics single integrated toolset for creating commercial class user interfaces for Microsoft environments. They are easy to learn and easy to move from one interface element to the next, and from one environment to the next.

ROOPASOFT also provides interactive user interface in Windows and Web based projects using Infragistics/ Telerik. Implementing Spreadsheet functionalities in .NET application is a common requirement for various clients now-a-days.

ROOPASOFT offers quality services to clients and makes use of Infragistics/ Telerik advanced user interface controls to enable developers produce all familiar interfaces the users usually expect such as Office 2007 UI, Windows XP, and Vista. These controls are widely deployed for use in the hottest architectures such as Web 2.0, SharePoint and Microsoft’s Composite Applications Block (CAB). Easily and with great flexibility, Applications & Solutions developed using Telerik and Infragistics offer precise look and feel of today’s most popular interfaces to the likes of Microsoft Office, Windows and other Microsoft applications.

Infragistics & Telerik Programming Skill Sets

  • Used Infragistics & Telerik Suite for designing the web and windows applications
  • Used controls – UltraTab, UltraGrid, UltraButton, Rad Grid, RAD Menu, RAD Upload, RAD Window and more
  • Programming Spreadsheet functionalities with Infragistics / Telerik controls