Software Product Development

At Roopa Soft, we do Software Product Development Time & Materials projects and provide advanced and senior tech talent to assist other companies with their software strategy roadmaps; product ideation, proof of concept and prototyping; software architecture and development; UX/UI design, QA and testing, and other technology needs.

From product ideation to market ready – and everything in between – we provide a complete range of software product usability, design, and engineering services. Our solutions are founded in design that thinks of the user first while leveraging proprietary and open source, the cloud, mobile, Big Data, and Internet of Things-based technologies to deliver context-aware, adaptive experiences.


Roopa Soft’s software product development services include:

  • Rapid Prototype Development

  • Enterprise Software Development

  • Custom Mobile Application Development

  • Responsive Application Development

  • Legacy Migration

  • Team Extension

Rapid Prototype Development

Whether it is a new product concept or technology our Rapid Software Prototyping service lets you quickly produce a prototype, demo, or proof of concept to identify and evaluate new ideas and build support for a project at a fraction of the cost of traditional product creation projects. Determine feasibility early on and lower your investment risk and time to market.

Enterprise Software Development

When your business strategy calls for disruptive enterprise application strategies, Our Technology Strategists are ready. Our strategists have a deep understanding and practical experience with the latest technologies (IoT, M2M, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, webRTC, ESB, integration). We work with you to understand your strategic business objectives and develop an actionable, custom software development plan to drive your business through uncharted territory and on a path to capturing market share and driving revenue.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Product success comes from seamless, context-based mobile, web, and desktop experiences that users don’t need to think about. Don’t bet on which platform to use and what is important to users – know. We deliver consistent and adaptive user experiences across all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry).

Responsive Application Development

The difference between product success and failure is the right hardware platform, software architecture, and development framework. Whether you are modernizing an existing application or developing a new one, Roopa Soft’s Application Development Professionals deliver innovative technology solutions for even the most complex design and development projects.

Legacy Migration

When your interface is looking dated and development team is slowing down, held back by technical debt or a technology stack that just can’t keep up with your competitors, our strategists can work with your team to modernize your technology stack, refine your user interface, and plot a course to bring you back to efficient development process – all while leveraging your existing investment.

Team Extension

With our Team Extension Service, you have access to a wide range of software development professionals and the full depth of knowledge or our entire staff to augment your software development team at any point in the product development cycle. Boost your technical capabilities with our offshore and near-shore development teams. Roopa Soft offers hybrid team extension models to tackle all of your time-sensitive, complex software projects.