Mobile - Friendly Website Development

Roopa Soft possess very strong skills sets in building the web using the latest technology like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, along with older technologies like .PHP and .NET. We are expert in using several frameworks like AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile to create the need of making websites responsive. We combine our strength of new technology with the knowledge of PHP and .Net to build websites of any scale, size and domain. Following technologies describe our strength in web technology.

mobile friendly

Responsive Frontend

Responsive is the best approach to designing interactive websites these days. Responsive Frontend is used to create platform optimized and interactive website that works across a wide range of devices from desktop PC to different web and mobile browsers. The main goal of responsive design is to create a website that works across the several platforms and fast navigation. RWD dynamically detects the user platform and load specific HTML, CSS files and Media Queries that instantly opens the website with customized screen resolution.

  • Enhanced User Experience

  • Google Recommended

  • Cost Effective, Increased Availability among several platforms

  • Modern Design

  • Swiping, Rotating, Zooming, Pinching support for Touchscreen devices

  • Increased search engine visibility